MASc 2016
University of Waterloo, 2012, BASc, Systems Design Engineering

I was first engaged in robotics in secondary school as a student participant of the FIRST Robotics Competition (which I am still involved with, sometimes as a Mentor, often as a Head Referee). Since then, I’ve been focusing on developing skills that will help me develop even cooler robots. Studying Systems Design Engineering for my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Waterloo was a perfect fit for this goal. My general research interests include multi-body dynamics, control systems, system modelling, machine learning, and image processing

Research Description

Optimal adaptive control in human standing balance

Supervisors: Drs. Elizabeth Croft, Mike Van der Loos, and Jean-Sébastien Blouin

Researchers have suggested different objectives for our neural balance controller: minimizing sway of our center of pressure, center of mass or head, or minimizing motor effort. Optimal control is an attractive architecture for modelling balance because it can achieve a weighted combination of these control objectives and includes mechanisms for controller adaptation. However, we have yet to observe that balance is optimal. For my research, I am testing whether human balance control is optimally adaptive using manipulated balance dynamics simulated by a robotic balance platform.


P. Wang, P. A. Forbes, J.-S. Blouin, H.F.M. Van der Loos, E. A. Croft, “Shifting the balance of human standing: inter-limb coordination for the control of a robotic balance simulation,” submitted to 2015 Annu. Int. Conf. IEEE Eng. Medicine and Biology Soc., April 2015.

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