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2019 Sept. The Royal Society of Victoria Social Work – Collaborative Human Robot Interaction (Full Lecture)
2019 Aug. ROBOTIQ The Cobot Experience: Elizabeth Croft & The Rules of the Handover
2019 Jan. Designing for People Can We Transfer the Essence of Human Movement/Behaviour to Robots?
2018 May UBC Development and Alumni Engagement Meet Bulmaro Valdes. Change their world so they can change ours.
2017 Nov. Canadian Fabricating & Welding Improving human-robot interactions
2017 Oct. UBC Mechanical Engineering Dr. Elizabeth Croft Discusses the Future of Robotics in CBC Interview
2017 Oct. CBC Business These Canadians are helping the world become replicant ready
2016 Sep. UBC Applied Science Launch of DLR@UBC: Materials and Structures for Global Mobility
2016 June Global Learning in Burnaby AJ Moon on Robotics Ethics
2016 July Canadian Academy of Engineering The Future of Robotics
2015 Aug. CBC The National hitchBOT and Robot-Human Interactions (1:53 – 2:13)
2015 May UBC alumni Future of Robotics
2015 June University Affairs I, robot, need ethical guidance
2015 Apr. Mashable Should we let robots kill on their own?
2015 Feb. Motherboard Will Robots Be Able to Help Us Die?
2015 Feb. alumni UBC A Robot in Every Home
2015 Feb. Extreme Tech Time is running out for ethicists to tackle very real robot quandaries
2014 Sept. UBC Stories The Robots Are Coming
2014 May Metro Robots that know Right from Wrong?
2014 May On the Coast on CBC Radio One Interview with AJung Moon on Roboethics (30:50 – 37:10)
2014 May New Statesman We may never teach robots about love, but what about ethics?
2014 May VICE Motherboard How to Teach Manners to a Robot
2014 Apr. Business Insider A Simple Experiment Shows How Hard It Is To Get Robots To Behave Ethically
2014 Apr. Mashable Can You Teach a Robot How Not to Be a Jerk?
2014 Apr. Charlie – robot, który nawiązuje kontakt wzrokowy
2014 Apr. Daily Mail The robot that makes EYE-CONTACT: Charlie could help bridge the gap between man and machine by copying our behaviour
2014 Apr. Delhi Daily News Human-like robots closer to reality
2014 Apr. Business Vancouver UBC researchers program robots to be just a little more human
2014 Apr. UBC Media Release Eye of the beholder – improving the human-robot connection
2014 Mar. New Scientist The robot tricks to bridge the uncanny valley
2013 Nov. Westcost Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology UBC Dr. Elizabeth Croft’s Robot – Human Interaction Research
2013 Nov. National Post The key to better — and safer — robots is teaching them about human interaction, researchers say
2013 Oct. CBC News UBC robot learns to interact with people
2013 Oct. The Shift on CKNW Interview with Dr. Elizabeth Croft on human-robot interaction
2013 Oct. The Early Edition on CBC Radio Charlie the Robot
2013 Sep. The Ubyssey Charlie the robot hands out water bottles to first-years
2013 Sep. The Economist Working with robots: Our friends electric
2013 Apr. Globalink Professor Profile: Dr. Croft Mitacs Globalink brings diversity to a team of robotics scientists
2013 Jan. UBC Terry Project BARtalk The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
2012 IEEE WIE eBook Interview with AJung Moon (p. 85)
2012 Dec. UBC Reports article The Ethical Robot
2012 April CBC Spark interview Designing robots for human interaction
2010 July Popular Science gallery photo Rise of the Helpful Machines
2009 Dec. Vancouver Sun article Debunking the Engineering Myth
2006 Feb. New Scientist article Make sure your android went to finishing school…
2005 June CBC Quirks and Quarks interview Bring on the Robot Monkey Butler
2003 Mar. UBC Reports article Teaching Manners to House Robots
2002 June Innovation article Human Robot Integration


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