Equipment and Facilities

Here is a list of our research equipment.

Off-the-shelf research equipment

  • PR2 by Willow Garage (LINK)
  • IIWA by KUKA Robotics (LINK)
  • PowerBot by Omron Adept MobileRobots (LINK)
  • Two WAM Arms by Barrett Technology Inc. (LINK)
  • Two JACO2 Arms by Kinova Robotics Inc. (LINK)
  • Two CRS A460 robot arms by Thermo CRS Ltd.
  • Two Phantom 1.5/6DOF haptic device by Sensable (LINK)
  • 3x FlexComp Infiniti by Thought Technology Ltd. for physiological monitoring
  • Leap Motion Controller
  • Carmine 3D sensor by PrimeSense
  • Hololens v1 by Microsoft
  • Kinect v1 and v2 by Microsoft
  • PlayStation Move motion controllers
  • Oculus Rift and Touch controllers

Custom research equipment

  • SleepSmart
  • CFRP vacuum bagging multi-agent environment, including VIMEE
  • 3×3 m force plate area and motion capture studio

General facilities

  • Electronics workbench
  • Drill press and hand tools
  • Access to Department of Mechanical Engineering machine shop
  • Access to ICICS-owned Vicon Systems

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